The History of Big Wheel Lottery

There is no concise history to how or when lotteries first were played in Aruba but it is said that the Aruba lottery was the first. The Aruba lottery was first played in 1982 and since then there are many more types of lottery games including those that are registered by Big Wheel Lottery.

About big Wheel Lottery Providers

Big Wheel Lottery is a company that provides various lottery games to players both in real life and online. It is the biggest lottery provider on the island of Aruba. Big Wheel Lottery is the first company to offer the Catochi game online and has registered other titles like Big 4, Diario, Korsou, St. Domingo, Flamingo, Dayly and Smarty amongst others.

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Playing Big Wheel Lotteries Online

Not all of the Big Wheel Lottery games are available to be played online. Most of them require a visit to the island of Aruba in order to purchase tickets at land based retailers. Those that are available online can be played from various locations around the world for example at river belle casino.

How to Play the Catochi Lottery

Big Wheel Lottery is the first to release the Catochi lottery game online. Tickets for a Catochi draw can be purchased up to ten days prior to the specific draw on a specific date. Catochi is also referred to as Pick 4 as the aim is to pick a combination of four numbers from a range of numbers from 0000 to 9999. There are a variety of ways to play Catochi including pick four, last three, back two or back and front. These options are chosen before the draw and a win will only occur if the option matches the draw. There is a multi-draw feature available where the option to play more than one ticket at a time with the same selection of numbers is possible.

Live Catochi lottery draws take place seven days a week and two times per day. Catochi lottery tickets can be bought right up until shortly before the live draw takes place and any ticket bought after that specific time is entered into the following live draw. The draws take place live on television but all the winning results are uploaded online onto all lottery sites that offer the game as well as the Big Wheel Lottery site, Twitter and Facebook. The results can also be seen in local outlets and newspaper publications. The first, second and third prizes are won by matching all four of the selected numbers to the first, second or third draws respectively.

The Rules for Big Wheel Lottery Tickets

In order for a ticket to be valid it needs to be purchased at any land based retail outlet or any reputable and registered online site that offers the authentic lottery game. Any cancelled ticket is not valid and will result in forfeiting any win. Paper tickets need to be in good condition and not be altered, damaged or not registered on the system. If a ticket does produce a winning result then the winning prize must be claimed within fourteen days or the winning ticket will no longer be valid.