What Does The Kahnawake Gaming Commission Do ?

The Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake is a reserve of the Mohawk nation, and is located in Tuscarora, Quebec, Canada. It sits on the St. Lawrence River’s south shore, across from Montreal. The tribe has a long and complex history, and counts people of Anglo-American, English, French, Irish, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca and Onondaga heritage among its members today.

Like many other First Nation tribes, the Mohawk people have benefitted from the phenomenon of Indian reservation gambling. Canada’s 1982 Constitution Act recognised and reaffirmed the aboriginal rights of First Nation people, and the enactment of the Kahnawake Gaming Law is seen as an aspect of these rights.

Pursuant to this Law, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1996. This regulatory body licenses and regulates land-based Poker rooms and other gambling establishments within the territory, as well as a large number of online casinos, mobile betting sites and Poker rooms. This is a huge source of revenue, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has established the nation as a leader in this business.

Functions of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Essentially, the Commission audits and monitors anyone applying for a license to offer land-based or online gambling activities in its jurisdiction. It employs special agents to carry these tasks out, and explains everything very transparently on its comprehensive website.

Land-based licenses are limited to brick-and-mortar Poker sites, while online licenses cover more comprehensive activities. There are 4 types of licenses issued under the Commission’s Regulations Concerning Interactive Games, laid down in 1999 and listed below.

  • Firstly, an approved hosting facility is issued an Interactive Gaming License. There can only be one facility holding such a license at any given time. Mohawk Internet Technologies has held the sole License issued by the Commission since 1999.
  • Client Provider Authorisation is given to approve bodies who want to provide interactive playing services from the hosting facility mentioned above. Valid Authorisation holders are known as Authorised Client Providers, and no limit is imposed on their numbers. These Providers must be hosted at the facility holding the current Interactive Gaming License, and may offer any type of interactive game, be it betting, Poker or other casino games.
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Authorisations are issued to entities holding valid Interactive Gaming Licenses issued by a primary jurisdiction other than Kahnawake if they want to relocate some or all of its personnel and equipment to within the Mohawk Territory. Their operations will still be supervised by their primary jurisdiction.
  • Finally, at least one person performing operational or managerial tasks at each Authorised Client Provider must hold a Key Person License.

The tight structure that these 4 types of licenses creates allows for close monitoring and regulation of all service providers.

Beneficial for All

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers great peace of mind to players; if a site or Poker room is certified by the Commission it can be trusted to deliver safe, fair and high-quality experiences. It also offers attractive licenses to Authorised Client Providers around the world, and is supportive in helping to obtain them.

With the revenue that it generates, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission allows the Mohawk nation to keep investing in itself and developing further. It really is beneficial for everybody involved.