Different Types of Casino Bonuses for Aussie Players

The different kinds of casino bonuses available online have lead to a number of misinterpretations, and the resultant confusion and stress that arises from this kind of misunderstanding is not only extreme, but completely avoidable too.

The first thing you must understand is that all bonuses have a playthrough requirement, which means that the amount offered as a bonus will need to be played a number of times before it can be claimed. For example, a AU$50 bonus with an x20 playthrough requirement will need you to bet AU$1000 before you can claim it. You can make use of the free casino bonus calculators available online to work out the required amount of bets you will need to access your bonus.

Wager Requirements and Playthroughs

Playthrough requirements will vary from casino to casino, but remember, you don’t need to win the bets you’re making in order to withdraw your winnings. You simply need to lay the wagers, and, once you hit the requirements you can access whatever you’ve won.

Online casino bonuses can also take the form of requiring you to play your bonus a certain number of times. Should you start with AU$200, with half of that sum being the bonus amount, then you have AU$100 which needs to be played through 30x, for example, meaning your bets will need to total AU$3000 before you can cash anything out.

Another type of restriction sometimes imposed on bonuses relate to the games, and which count towards the bonuses and which do not. The majority of online casinos in the Australia will exclude certain types of games from your playthrough requirements, and this means that no matter how much you wager on a game that does not count towards the playthrough, your total will not be affected. Your money can only be accessed when you play games that count towards the playthrough requirement, so make sure you know which ones are on the list.

The No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is the simplest of all, and requires very little input from the player. All you will need to do is register for your new account at the casino making this bonus available, and, once this process is completed you will receive the money at once. You either claim this bonus by means of a submission form available on the casino’s website, or email, or you have it credited automatically to your account.

The Match Bonus

This is a bonus that has the casino matching either your entire initial deposit, or a percentage of it. An example is a skrill online casino Australia offering you a 100% bonus up to AU$200. This translates into you receiving what is essentially free money up to AU$200, to be used as you like according to the terms and conditions laid out in the offer.

The Free Money Bonus

This type of deposit bonus has you knowing how much you will receive from the start, no matter how much you choose to make available for your first deposit. An example of this would be a casino offering you AU$100 if you deposit at least AU$50, giving you AU$150 to play the games you enjoy with. Again, read the terms and conditions carefully, and compare these deals to the amounts you’re getting from the other types of bonus, as they very often work out to be higher percentage wise, even though they may not seem so at first glance.