Spanish Eyes Slot Review by NextGen

The Spanish eyes slot machine game, created by NextGen, is a simple but rewarding online slot machine game. It features a five reel, twenty five line play system, and is based around an enchanting theme. The graphics are well created, but the sound and music of the game is where the real charm lies.

An ambience of Spanish nightlife accompanies play, and each spin of the real is marked by the chords of a classic Spanish guitar. If anything, the game is worth a try, simply to appreciate the relaxing ambience it provides. The game may be played on mobile phone, tablet, home computer, and laptop at mobile casino Malaysia.

Standard Game Play Tiles

Fitting with the theme, the Spanish Eyes slot machine game features tiles based around Spanish culture. The tiles include castanets, a guitar, and a fan, as well as the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The fan is the most valuable standard tile, and if matched with itself five times will pay out relatively well. Take note of the bonus tiles, however, as this is where the real money in the game can be found.

Special Bonus Feature Tiles

In the Spanish Eyes slot machine game, the wild tile is a beautiful Spanish woman. She may be matched with any other tile to form a winning sequence, standing as substitute for a missing tile. The player may get, for example, two aces and a Spanish woman, to achieve a three ace win. The scatter icon in this game is the flower, and if matching with itself will trigger the free spins sequence.

Twelve free spins are granted, during which each win pays out triple the usual amount. Plus, if flowers are matched again during the sequence, free spins are compounded and added to the total. A huge amount can be made during a free spin sequence, and the player should hope to see as many flowers as is possible. If you would like more details about the winning sequences and special tiles, please click the info button.

Spanish Eyes – Basic Game Rules

The Spanish Eyes slot machine game uses a five reel, twenty five pay line system. In order to start, the player must first make an initial upfront bet. To change the bet, use the arrows near the bottom of the screen. In this game, however, the player must also decide how many lines to bet on, which may also be changed via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Remember that the more lines bet on, the higher the initial bet will be, but the higher the chances of achieving a winning sequence. This system is flexible, and should be played with throughout the game to experiment with cost versus winning percentage. Once a bet is settled on, the player must spin the reels, which is done via the button at the bottom right of the screen. The reels will stop, and winning sequences will automatically be paid out. Payouts made are determined by the value of the matching sequence. If any bonus tiles are matched, they will also automatically be paid out accordingly.