Super Rugby Betting Guide for New Zealand

Much of the sporting culture in New Zealand was influenced by their colonisers of the 19th century, and as such rugby is considered the national sport of the country. No one annual competition is as popular throughout the country as the Super Rugby tournament, and as such Super Rugby betting is incredibly popular amongst Kiwi punters.

With a good number of matches taking place throughout the Super Rugby season, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Super Rugby betting, and there are a variety of ways in which to do so. Any sports fan will tell you that the most exciting way to enjoy the game is to wager on the outcome, whether it be a wager between friends, or a wager placed online with the wide variety of online sportsbooks available to Kiwi punters.

Super Rugby 101

The Super Rugby tournament was established in 1996 and began its first season with 12 teams from across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Over time the competition was extended in its number of teams included, and now the tournament is contested by 18 teams in total. The most successful team to date has been the Crusaders who hail from Auckland, New Zealand, with a total of 7 championship wins. In fact New Zealand has been the most successful country to date in the Super Rugby championship, having won a total of 14 finals. With stats such as these it is easy to see why Super Rugby betting is so popular amongst Kiwi punters.

The Super Rugby season starts in February running until August of the same year. Previously the competition format was a round-robin contest, in which each team would play each other at least once, but with the inclusion of more teams, the competition format was changed to that of country conferences. Each country forms a conference of teams with each team within the conference playing each other twice, one away and one at home. The teams are whittled down to the teams with the most points who play the finals.

Types of Super Rugby Betting

When looking at the wide range of Super Rugby betting NZ options available, even a veteran player can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. Here we detail the most popular betting types, which generally see fantastic odds, and lucrative returns.

A future or outright is a wager placed on the winning team at the beginning of the Super Rugby season.

Supremacy is a wager placed on the number of points a team will beat the opposition by. online slots real money Canada

The first try scorer is a wager which generally says high pay-outs as the likelihood of a punter getting this right is low. This wager is placed on which person will be the first to score a successful try, and it can also be placed on a team as a whole, although the team wager doesn’t generally see as good a pay-out.

Finding the Best Sportsbook

With the strict legislation surrounding sports betting in New Zealand, many punters have opted for offshore sportsbooks. When looking for the most suitable online sportsbook for Super Rugby betting, punters should look out for lucrative sign up bonuses, a wide variety of wagers, competitive odds, a good variety of deposit and withdrawal options, and customer service options such as a 24/7 live chat assist.